This documentation only applies to v1 of YAML settings, to adopt the new settings (and all then new features with it) check out the new docs!
A pro plan is required to use this feature on private repos.

YAML templates

Templates are a great way to keep the key preferences for your organization in one location, and easily extend them on a per-repo basis.

Templates are created and managed on You can find edit at or by clicking your organization name when browsing repos on

An example template to contain some general rules for your organization.

YAML template named “client-projects”

approve_by_comment: true
approve_regex: '^(Approved|:\+1:)'
reset_on_push: true
    required: 1
        - davegaeddert
        - joelgaeddert

Then for each repo, you simply create a .pullapprove.yml which extends one of your templates. Any settings in this file will then override the defaults provided by the template.

Repo .pullapprove.yml

extends: client-projects
reset_on_push: false  # on this repo, we don't want to reset approvals on push