This documentation only applies to v1 of YAML settings, to adopt the new settings (and all then new features with it) check out the new docs!


Default: '^Approved'
Possible values: any valid regex, in a single-quoted string

Set a custom regular expression to use when parsing pull request comments for approval.

Due to recent changes by GitHub, we now automatically check for the Unicode equivalents of emojis. For example, if you use :\+1: in your regex, we’ll also check for \U0001f44d. You do not have to add Unicode to your regular expressions. An added bonus here is that alternative aliases will also be detected automatically, again if you use :\+1:, we’ll also match if a team member uses :thumbsup:!


  • approve_by_comment must be enabled to use this.
  • We recommend starting with ^, to only match strings at the beginning of a line. In our experience this makes approval more intentional, and also avoids issues with comments via email where previous content may be embedded in a blockquote (>) that could otherwise trigger mistaken approval.


Multiple triggers

approve_regex: '^(Approved|:shipit:|:\+1:)'