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This is where you specify the who is part of the review group. You can list out their usernames, or use your GitHub teams as an alias.

When the group is activated, some or all of these users will be "requested" to review the PR (using the built-in GitHub review requests). PullApprove does not use the "team" requests in GitHub, because we want to give you more control over how many people on that team are actually requested and receive emails/notifications.

See the reviews section for more info on how review requests are sent, and determining how many approvals are required.

  - example1
  - example2

  # use the team slug (lowercase, hyphenated)
  # https://developer.github.com/v3/teams/#list-teams
  - team-example-1
Teams are not yet implemented for the Bitbucket beta.

Reviewers that don't want review requests

Prefix a username or team with ~ to include them in the reviewer pool but skip them when sending review requests. This can be useful when adding administrators to groups, so that they can jump in and approve a PR but stay out of the day-to-day review request rotation.

  - ~admin1

  - code

Require all pending review requests be approved

By not specifying any users or teams, PullApprove won't send out any review requests but can still be told to check any pending review requests that exist, including those added manually by you or your team on GitHub. This makes it easy to allow people to request their own reviewers, and ensure that a PR is not approved until all (or a specific number) of the review requests are fulfilled.

      # -1 will require that all pending requests are approved
      required: -1

You can also use the same behavior to specify that a minimum number of approvals are given for a PR, regardless of who they come from.

      # need 10 approvals, but it doesn't matter who gives them
      required: 10