Status checks

While PullApprove itself is focused on the human aspect of code review, you can integrate it with other automated static analysis checks and tests. This is often used in order to let machines do the boring, tedious work of verifying that code meets the style guidelines, passes test suites, is properly committed (signed-off-by), etc. before actually bothering real people on your team to look at PRs.

You can integrate with other services you're already using, or even build your own with tools like probot.

Other commit statuses can be referenced in group conditions or the overall pullapprove_conditions. For example, to prevent any human review from happening until your automated tests have passed, you could use a config like this:

version: 3
- "'license/cla' in statuses.succeeded"
- "'*travis*' in statuses.succeeded"
- "'codeclimate' in statuses.succeeded"

Conditions with status checks from PullApprove






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